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💡 這本書是禮物,贈與513。 後面有幾本類似的書,通常我不喜歡這類書,但既然是要送人,還是得好好看一看。


💡 了解七大直覺本能,改寫原始缺陷,讓大腦做出最佳決策 我將各章節的結語直接寫出來,並再補充其中特別對我重要的內容要點。


最近是區塊鍊跟NFT的熱浪期,因此買了這本書瞧瞧到底在夯什麼。 從目前這本書來看,未來的趨勢與應用其實還很難說服我,但我覺得該是時候,至少要去了解ML跟部分BlockChain的應用。 速速總結與感想


算是今年最暢銷的書吧,裡面對於許多管理有很多精彩的論點,但在我看來,最重要的還是人呀! 💡 邊看邊做筆記,直接將重要的話轉換成要點,方便自己之後回想

大腦喜歡這樣學 強效教學版

得益於老師送的書,我將書內「一般」成人可使用的方法羅列於此 💡 一般成人,指的是那些並非需要教學的人,或許是能利用其於自我學習,或許能將其運用在其他生活面向。


💡 充分理解設計原則,更能讓你理解設計模式背後的概念。


💡 資訊架構學是網站開發的基礎,在經過多年開發後接觸到這本書,覺得滿適合剛進入行業的人閱讀。如果當初早點讀到這本書,會讓我學習的過程更有體系。

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Intro to Some hooks

Hey there! If you’re reading this, you’re probably interested in learning more about the different ways to manage data in React.

Intro to React State

React is a popular JavaScript library for building user interfaces. One of the critical features of React is its state management system, which helps manage ...

Deploy Your React Application on Surge

Surge is a static web hosting platform that allows you to quickly and easily deploy your React application. In this article, we will discuss how to deploy yo...

Redis in Rails

Playreal encountered a performance issue when a large number of users logged in to retrieve game data and teammate records. I used Redis to solve the problem.

Freelance as developer

Working as a freelancer has some advantages. It is more than just cash in your skills; it also gives you the freedom to pick the project that interests you.

Query record with newlines

I have to remove the newlines character if the column has any, but with ‘%/r/n%,’ I can’t locate any record, and here’s how to solve the problem.

Github Pages with HTTPS

💡 I registered my custom domain with GoDaddy and encountered a problem associating the domain to GitHub Pages with HTTPS. This article will help you to solv...

Using Code Block in Blogger

I have done some researching on how to use code blocks in blogger and I found this awesome tutorial article in Chinese.

Github Page 文章預覽

問題 在GithubPage上生成的靜態網站,或部落格,如果你仔細去看,許多人的文章都是直接全開的。早期,我的潛意識注意到這點,僅覺得閱讀文章時,旁邊的scroll好長好小好討厭。 結果在這裡寫文章後,終於了解原因是什麼了。

史上最簡單 Github Pages 架站法

本篇文章適用的人 想在Github Pages建立部落格的人 不熟悉也不想使用指令輸入器的人 Windows使用者 從來沒聽過Jekyll、Bash、gem等的人

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How I learn with Coursera

Coursera is an online learning platform that offers courses in a wide range of subjects. The platform was founded in 2012, and it has since partnered with ov...

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