Aloma Huang

Sr. Full-StackDeveloper
Co-founder & CTO @ Playreal

Experienced in JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, React, C#, Angular, SQL, etc.


Mar 2022 — Present
Co-Founder and Full Stack Engineer @ Playreal

August 2021 — April 2022
System Architect @ Colerate

August 2020 - April 2022 (including Freelance)
Full Stack Engineer @ Clubon

June 2016 - April 2020
Operations Engineer-Software Engineer-Senior Software Engineer @ ESI Technology


I am an experienced senior developer who is dedicated to delivering top-notch solutions. I have a knack for thinking creatively, strong communication skills, and excel at leading cross-functional teams.

My primary focus is on achieving our shared goals while fostering a positive and collaborative work environment. I am empathetic and always willing to understand and help solve people's problems.

I am a goal-oriented individual who enjoys setting and working towards ambitious targets while savoring the journey.

Oh, and I speak 🥟Chinese, 🍔English and un peu 🥐French.